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Maintain Your New Years Resolution with Marriott

Habits take a long time to form, and that can make keeping up with a New Years Resolution difficult. And then if you have to add travel to the mix right after New Years?

You could be looking at a long, hard journey.

But with the Marriott, you don’t have to worry.

Find Success at Marriott Pleasanton

Many hotel gyms can be a bit lackluster. Finding a hotel with a gym shouldn’t be hard, but finding hotel gyms with more than two machines can be tedious.

At this Pleasanton CA hotel, you will find more than two machines, plus workout balls and a swimming pool.

Don’t worry about losing your motivation while you are on the road.

With these great workout facilities, your New Years Resolution is safe. Many California hotels have gyms, but at ours, you can know you will have all the tools you need to succeed.

Low Cost and High Impact

At Marriott Pleasanton, there are many different promotional rates to choose from. Find the package that fits you the best and book today. Marriott Pleasanton offers discounts for booking early, AAA members, and couples packages.

You can even book a great discount for sports weekends. For Oakland A’s, Oakland Raiders, or Golden State Warriors games, you can receive a premium guest room, breakfast buffet for two, a welcome amenity from one of the teams, and a round trip BART ticket to get to the stadiums.

These are only a few of the offers at Marriott Pleasanton. Discover a hotel package designed just for you and don’t wait!

Your money and your New Years Resolution are safe with us.